Snail Sessions

Snail Sessions are our monthly social and educational outings.  We normally have Snail Sessions on the last Thursday of each month so we can engage in some foodie therapy. Snail Sessions include food tastings, possibly a game or two and maybe a lively (and fun) discussion in exploration of a particular food topic.

In April, we're going to venture a little further afield - all the way to Boerne to Valeria Farm to Table restaurant.  As implied by their name, Keith Kuhn (owner and chef) and staff feature fresh, local, non-GMO, organic ingredients.  The menu is available at and prices range from $16-30+.  This is a self-funded event.  You can order whatever you want and pay for it as a couple or individual.  You control what the event costs.  The restaurant clearly supports our goals and objectives and it'll be fun to get a little further afield (but still very local) in our endeavor to support restaurants and venues that feature our organizations goals.


April 23

6:30 PM

Bring your appetite and plan to have a fun and tasteful evening.


We look forward to seeing you at Valeria Farm to Table Restaurant.

109 Waterview Pkwy, Ste 105

BoerneTX 78006


Phone: 830-331-1393

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