Book Club

Join us for a whole evening talking about our favorite subject - food!

Food in History

by Reay Tannahill


October 15th

6:30 - 8:30 PM

Spanning over half a million years, this lively account describes the history of food and the way in which food has influenced the whole course of human development. Full of intriguing information and insights, it reveals how pepper contributed to the fall of the Roman empire; how a new kind of plow helped to spark off the Crusades; why the cow became sacred in India; why stir-fry cooking was invented; how the turkey got its name. This book confirms that food is still, as it always has been, not only inseparable from the history of the human race but essential to it.

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The book club is a pot luck event. Bring anything from the book to share and we'll all enjoy food and word together!


Suggested donation of $2 per person; more is gratefully accepted.

Looking ahead...

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